Why Lira?

Good News: Freedom! From foul odour, Leakages & Corrosion.
Better News: You can install and maintain it yourself!

1. LIRA traps are made of A grade virgin Polypropylene material

2. (a) LIRA has a pioneering advantage as they were the first in 1959 to have launched non - metallic waste traps.
    (b) They have their own single, huge factory in Valduggia, north Italy and do not outsource the traps.
3. LIRA traps have very good physical properties due the quality of Polypropylene amd machinery/processes used to manufacture them - viz.,
(a) Non-corrosive.
(b) Has very good resistance to acids often used for cleaning traps, especially in India.
(c) Very good thermal resistance - can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures without cracking or otherwise deshaping.
(d) Has very good resistance to calciums, minerals and other physical impurities present in water, hence, they are specially advisable for Indian water conditions.
(e) Prevents deposition of scaling.
(f) does not discolour.
(g) due to the high quality of raw materials and superior machinery used to manufacture, the quality of threading and precision of dimensions overall is impeccable.
(h) The excellent quality of washer and gaskets ensures 100% water-tightness without usage of teflon tapes etc making LIRA traps leak-proof.
4. All-traps-P traps are well as Bottle traps have the mandatory 50mm (or more) water seal as per international plumbing norms to prevent foul air/odour from emanating from the pipeline.
5. All Lira traps can be customised o site conditions without any preconditions of volume.
6. (a) LIRA traps are easy to install-can be installed by hand and no spanners or any other implements are needed.
(b) due the same reason, house keeping and maintenance by the user/layperson becomes extremely easy.
(c) LIRA traps are also cheaper to install because one does not require teflon tapes/M-seal or threading to seal joints. Also there is saving in labour charges as greater no of traps can be installed by a given size of plumbing team.
7. LIRA has a special range of space-saving solutions called SPAzIo for both wash basins and kitchen sinks, with value added features (optional) like connections to dish-washing machines and washing machines.
8. (a) LIRA provides free set of extra washers with each and every trap supplied to projects as spare - either separately or in the polybag itself.
(b) All different components of LIRA traps are easily available locally.
9. All LIRA traps are warranted for 10 years from date of primary purchase against manufacturing defects.
10. All Lira traps conform to eN 274 european norms.